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WHO'S BEHIND THE BLACK SAND MINING IN ILOCOS REGION? "Moving Heaven and Earth in search of huge profit"

Anakpawis Partylist had filed House Resolution 2203 urging Congress to investigate the impact of black sand (magnetite) mining in Northern Philippines to the environment and livelihood of the people living in the coastal areas where the mining operations are taking place.

Political Dynasty: Ilocos Sur Political Trend, Threatens Life and Dignity

Large scale corruption by elected officials, violence and harassment are the dominant features of the political landscape, exploiting and endangering the lives of the majority poor. Candidates of the 2010 elections shows a very disturbing and alarming political trend in Ilocos Sur. Political lordship has become a private property being inherited, passed on or transferred to every family member of a political clan. Worse is elective political position is turned into a family owned and cotrolled business, to the detriment of various families already wallowing in appalling poverty.

Baluarte Watch Tower

Built by the Spaniards during their heydays, the mighty Baluarte was used as watch tower and observation post by the authorities for impending danger from the sea. Not from typhoons or tsunamis, but from the Abu Sayafs at that time: the Japanese, Chinese and Moro pirates who took pleasure in raping coastal towns and settlements.

Vigan Bagnet

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ILOCOS SUR Adventure Zone

Experience this unique Ilocos adventure.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Who is Señorita Dulce?

This was written by CBAA Biznews writers Ma. Luisa Relon, R-Jay Rapadas and Rea Mae Quitevis  in 2011. With the publication's permission, VoicePoints is publishing this business feature in full.

At 24, her passion for baking and determination to go into business led her to a fortune she’d never imagined. The former Ms. CBAA is now a successful owner of the popular house of foods, Señorita Dulce, which is located at Taleb, Bantay, Ilocos Sur. She graduated Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Major in Management Accounting in 2003. Maria Jennifer is ready to take again the spotlight as she gracefully inspires us with her story.  
Biznews: Who is Maria Jennifer? 
Ma. Jennifer: I’m simple and hardworking. I love to experiment with pastries.  
Biznews: What is Señorita Dulce? What are the features of your business? 
Ma. Jennifer: It’s a 24-hour food bus stop. We offer baked products like brownies, cassava, torta, bibingka and macaroons. We also offer breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.  
Biznews: What made your business distinct from other existing establishments? 
Ma. Jennifer: We consistently maintain the quality of our product in spite of increasing prices of raw materials.  
Biznews: What inspired you to put up your own business? 
Ma. Jennifer: Since baking pastries is one of my passions. I was encouraged to establish a business like this. Although I’ve never experienced to be employed, running a food business is not new to me because my family owns one which is Ilocos Sur Food Corp.  
This 2014, Maria Jennifer launched her SD-Coffee Shop.

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MEET | Kenley Filarca: The man behind the biggest and smallest burgers in the Philippines

Kenley Filarca, owner and manager of Kusina de Kenyong, conducted an interview May 27, with VoicePoints Content Manager Paul Michael Camania Jaramillo that covered a wide range of topics — his goals, plans, and business management.
Why did you start the business and what motivated you? 
We are not well off. I am just an ordinary bank employee before starting up Kusina de Kenyong. The main reason why I put up the business is to have an additional source of income for me to help my family. My salary alone is not enough to help them in their financial needs. Being inspired with the situation that we have, having my passion in cooking and possessing the determination of a brave dreamer, there KDK was conceived. 
Did you have any business background before starting up? 
My parents had different business ventures. Through their experiences, I was able to learn something about business. 
Did you face any challenges in mobilizing you capital? 
Capital was really a big problem and will always be one. During the first month of the business, I was so afraid of the financial performance of the business because I have poured out all the funds I have. Thank God, we were breakeven then. In the continuous operation of the business, KDK was able to sustain its liquidity. I said “will always be” because everyday is a challenge for KDK to survive in the food industry because of numerous competitors. Everyday is a risk. Everyday is a challenge. 
Were there any problems in getting employees to work with you? 
My KDK Team is composed of some people I have known even before KDK was conceived so it was not that hard for me. 
What were the major challenges that you faced in the process of starting up your business? 
As I have said, everyday is a risk, everyday is a challenge to survive. Since Kusina de Kenyong was not known yet before, we had hard times of promoting it. As a helpful tool, I used social media to create awareness of KDK’s existence. While the operation goes on, competitors improve their products and even create better products. Getting a share of their existing customers was a bit hard. Especially so that they are in the business for years and that KDK is a new comer. Those were the challenges that we had to face then. When we launched the Biggest Burger and Smallest Burger in the Philippines, someone claimed that they are the first to produce or they have conceptualized it first than us. It was not that hard to defend KDK from those accusations. Thank you to ABS-CBN, ANC and GMA News Team that they have featured the burgers on their news programs, local and national. 
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Author: Paul Michael Camania Jaramillo

Student| Youth Advocate | Leader | Environmental Advocate | Writer | Blogger | RH Advocate

I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious. — Albert Einstein
I write about darkness because I want to show the light — Jose Rizal

Paul is an Accountancy graduate from the Northwestern University. He works for VoicePoints. He was the former College Editors Guild of the Philippines-Ilocos Chairperson. He likes discussing tax issues. He was one of the finalists of the PWC Cup (Taxation and Payroll Accounting)

He has been involved in different advocacy and defending human rights. As a blogger, writer, netizen and an advocate, he has found focus & interest on sexuality & reproductive health, deaf rights & legal access and youth development, leadership, environment advocacy, issues in the nation and in the world, religion, culture and human rights At the age of 14, he has fully embraced the call of leadership.

He was a Lussoc National High School 'The Sring' and 'Ang Batis' news editor. A radical visionary leader, he has led organizations of the Supreme Student Government, Science Club, Youth for Environment in Schools Organization, Interact Club, Math Club, Philippine National Red Cross and other organizations in their institution. He was also awarded as a distinguished student leader as a former officer of the Supreme Student Government and received President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Campus Journalism Award. He attended two National Leadership Training for the Student Government Officers, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Youth for Environment Summer Camp, Science Leaders Congress and Schools Press Conference. Joined and won in the several contests from their school to the national level.

He is an organist and an officer of the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo).

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