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WHO'S BEHIND THE BLACK SAND MINING IN ILOCOS REGION? "Moving Heaven and Earth in search of huge profit"

Anakpawis Partylist had filed House Resolution 2203 urging Congress to investigate the impact of black sand (magnetite) mining in Northern Philippines to the environment and livelihood of the people living in the coastal areas where the mining operations are taking place.

Political Dynasty: Ilocos Sur Political Trend, Threatens Life and Dignity

Large scale corruption by elected officials, violence and harassment are the dominant features of the political landscape, exploiting and endangering the lives of the majority poor. Candidates of the 2010 elections shows a very disturbing and alarming political trend in Ilocos Sur. Political lordship has become a private property being inherited, passed on or transferred to every family member of a political clan. Worse is elective political position is turned into a family owned and cotrolled business, to the detriment of various families already wallowing in appalling poverty.

Baluarte Watch Tower

Built by the Spaniards during their heydays, the mighty Baluarte was used as watch tower and observation post by the authorities for impending danger from the sea. Not from typhoons or tsunamis, but from the Abu Sayafs at that time: the Japanese, Chinese and Moro pirates who took pleasure in raping coastal towns and settlements.

Vigan Bagnet

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ILOCOS SUR Adventure Zone

Experience this unique Ilocos adventure.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vigan Dancing Fountain: A Mesmerizing Experience

YOU MUST BE A TRUE INSENSITIVE PERSON TO BE UNHAPPY seeing beautiful specs of lights and sprinkles of water dancing to the rhythm of music in midair. Still enchanted by the magical view of the Vigan Dancing Fountain and Laser Light show, the experience creeps anew even after a day of witnessing it.

And so the Ilocanos have another tourist spot to be proud of. Some may raise their eyebrows and say its ordinary but what’s interesting with the Vigan Dancing Fountain is the location itself – where could anyone find a modern and grandiose tourist spot in a UNESCO World Heritage City? It’s in Vigan alone.

Launched last April, the multi million project attracted a huge number of tourists, both in local and international.  The dancing fountain runs a pretty good 15-minute show. Good enough to make the audience drop their jaws and be in awe.

The spectacular show starts with a very thrilling digital drum roll of some sort welcoming the crowd to the heritage city. After a minute or so, the formerly dry Plaza Lagoon then transforms into a majestic arena of colorful laser lights and lively gush of water shooters beautifully dancing to the tune of folk songs like “Kalesa”and “Ilocana” and catchy pop music like “Gangnam Style” and “Moves Like Jagger”.  

Author:Agustin Concepcion Tacod

Love complicates everything.

Agustin is a BS Accountancy student at the University of Northern Philippines. He works for CBAA Biznews.

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