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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Ilocanos being thrifty

The Ilocos Region is situated in between the barren lands of the Cordillera mountain ranges and the South China Sea. Although their rich land is blessed with agricultural benefits, making a living in Ilocos is very difficult.

With a growing population, the Ilocandia is absolutely not enough to provide for every resident. This harsh environment has made the Ilocano become a fighter and a survivor. His attitudes and behavior are focused towards living a better life.

Unlike the ManileƱos, it is harder for Ilocanos to make money since they are very far from the center of trade and industry. It would take long travel hours (by land) to send their products (mostly fruits and vegetables) in Manila. By the time it arrives, these fruits and vegetables are no longer fresh.

The Ilocanos value money so much that most people see them as stingy when in fact they are just pennywise. They want to spend their earnings wisely.

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