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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cabugao, Ilocos Sur Legendary Name

In the beginning, the place was only a wilderness, a thick forest where peaceful nomadic tribesman roamed and hunted. For fish, which were also abundant, there was a river. On these occasional visits, the hunters noticed the fertile and flatlands that can be tilled and they decided to stay. They were the first settlers.

As to how the name of the town evolved, there are interesting legends transmitted through generations.

Some claimed that during the pre-Hispanic regime, there were also numerous uncivilized warring tribes. 
Kabu Angaw, a man with a good sense of humor headed one such tribe. In an inter-tribal rivalry, Kabu Angaw suffered defeat forcing him and his remaining warriors to move southward until they reached the village where the friendly and hospitable nomads settled. Kabu Angaw’s natural carefree manners and ability to relate entertaining stories endeared him to the settlers especially the young. His fairness and righteousness earned him respect and esteem, eventually making him as the village chieftain. His leadership became legendary so much that his people were referred to as “ taga Kabu Angaw”. When he died, the villagers deeply mourned on such a great loss.

On the other hand, some assert that the village by the river was ruled by a certain Aggao. When the Spaniards arrived, his subjects called him “Cabo Aggao” meant chief. Finding difficulty in pronouncing the headman’s name, the Spaniards contracted it to “ Cabugao” denoting not only the ruler but also the place he ruled.

As time passed, Kabu Angaw or Cabogao was transformed into Cabugao.

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